Should I take the AP Chem Test?/Review Books

<p>Ok, so I wanted to get an idea of what everyone's thoughts are on whether or not I should take the AP Chem Test.</p>

<p>I took regular chemistry first semester, and am continuing that this semester. My chemistry teacher is excellent, and has been teaching for 40 some years. My high school does not offer AP Chemistry, so I took it online via Apex learning. Terrible idea. The effects of the course on my GPA were deleterious to say the least. So I dropped the course at semester. That being said, I am still interested in taking the AP Test. Would you guys say this is a good idea? Please, comment with your thoughts, PARTICULARLY IF YOU'VE TAKEN THE TEST BEFORE. While I value the input of those who are taking the class now, I really do need the advice of those who have taken it. </p>

<p>If I do decide to take it, what review book should I get? I've heard Barrons is too in depth, PR isn't in depth enough, and scattered reviews about Cliffs and 5 steps to a 5. What did you guys use to study? Note, I'm not going to buy a lot of review books, so I just need the best one, if you could tell me that. Thanks you guys!</p>

<p>I wouldn't suggest it, unless you're willing to devote a lot of time to preparation and will be able to work with a teacher. I took the class last year (my school does it as a full year course). I got a five but I worked my butt off all year, asked a bazillion questions all the time and really devoted a lot of time to it. And that was with a superb teacher.</p>