Should I take the AP Literature and French exams?

Tests I am planning to take already:
Calc AB

I took AP Language and Composition last year and got a 5. Right now I am a senior, and the college I’m most likely to go to is Tulane. There is no point in taking Literature if I do end up at Tulane, because I will already be getting the same credit from Lang. However, my parents said that if I sign up for the test I have to take it regardless (my school doesn’t give refunds). I’m pretty confident I’ll do well on Literature based on my Lang score and my grade in the class. I’m just unsure if it’s worth the effort.

For French, I would have to study to do well on the exam. I recently passed my state’s biliteracy test in French, so I’m at a level of “intermediate-mid” according to that at least. At Tulane, this would place me into an upper level class but not give me any credit. I could take the SAT II instead (cheaper and easier) and achieve the same thing. If I go to another school, I could actually use my credits.

What would you do in my situation?

I would take the French SAT II but not the lit exam.