Should I take the AP Literature test?

<p>Last year I got a 3 on the AP Eng test and this year my AP lit teacher is terrible, so I have a feeling I'll get a 3 again. How hard is the AP Lit test? I don't like English and am not particularly good at writing essays or analyzing poetry, but I REALLY don't want to take another English class in college. A 4 or 5 will fulfill my Writing I for the UCs, which basically means it prevent me from having to take one English Composition class. How are the English Composition classes in the UCs or college in general? Are they as pointless and boring as the AP English classes? How easy is it to get a 4/5 on this test?</p>

<p>Only $70 to lose, versus the full price of an English class in college – do it!</p>