Should I take the Chemistry Subject Test or the World History Subject Test?

<p>I am currently a Sophomore and have to decide today whether or not I should take the Chemistry subject test or the World History subject test.</p>

<p>I have an interest in medicine, so that is why I feel like I should really take Chemistry. The only problem is that although I get As in Chemistry, it is not my strongest subject, and it would require me to do a TON of preparation. Also, I am not planning on taking AP Chem.</p>

<p>I am much better at History and after doing some practice problems, feel like I would do better on this test. </p>

<p>However, again, I am interested in medicine and wonder whether or not they will take me seriously if I take both AP US History and the SAT Subject Test in World History. </p>

<p>Any thoughts or advice?</p>

<p>Why can’t you take both?</p>