should i take the exam

<p>In my adv bio class I have a 93.07 a B. my question is should I take the exam to bring my grade up to an A for the semester to demonstrate 'academic improvement' to colleges? Either way I will have a B for the year. I just need some advice before memorizing a 200question exam</p>

<p>Yes, take it.</p>

<p>If you're still going to have a B for the year then there's really no point. Colleges look at the final grades. And your B is a 93?! o.o</p>

<p>your 93 is a B??? Man, your school has a harsh grading scale. :(</p>

<p>ya.. is 93 a b??</p>

<p>yeah a 93 is a b...</p>


i aint takin git memorizng 20 0 questions aint worth an a for the semester if it doesnt help my year gRade anwywya</p>