Should I take the SAT, ACT, SAT II? Help?

<p>Basically, I am going to be a senior and want to know if you guys think i should retake the SAT, take the ACT, or take another 1 or 2 SAT IIs. To receive any meaningful advice I know have to give you all my information (yeah it's a lot). So, I might as well just ask what you think my chances are as well (even though I have a pretty good idea).</p>

<p>Demographics: White, Upper-Middle Class, Male, Both Parents have masters degrees (i'm not getting any need based aid), interested in math, science, engineering, also history, political science</p>

<p>School: Private Jewish school (More Private than Jewish though), everyone goes to college, 120 kids per grade, 1950 average SAT score, no class rank, NO AP classes (we don't teach to the test) instead we have scholars which is a level above honors (in my opinion we do go more in-depth and do more analysis than AP classes but might cover less material)</p>

<p>Transcript: 9 Classes each semester but I'll just give you my core (non-jewish classes, full year), never gotten less than a B+, always took hardest electives available, always been in highest math and science classes, it's not easy to get an A (no A+'s) but it's not easy to get a C,</p>

Honors English B+
Honors World History A-
Scholars Geometry A
Scholars Biology B+
Honors Spanish III B+ (elective, i.e. some kids took study hall, no scholars class)
Honors Hebrew A- (it is a language)</p>

Honors English B+
Scholars World History A-
Scholars Precalculus A-
Scholars Chemistry B+
Honors Spanish IV B+ (elective)
Honors Hebrew B+</p>

Honors English A-
Scholars US History B+
Scholars AB Calculus A
Scholars Physics A (elective, probably the hardest available)
Scholars Chemistry II A (choice of science class, probably the hardest class in our school)
Honors Spanish V A- (elective)
Honors Hebrew A</p>

Honors English
Scholars History of Warfare
Honors Economics (highest level offered)
Scholars Multivariable Calculus
Scholars Genetics/Biotechnology I
Scholars Physics II
Honors Spanish VI
Honors Hebrew</p>

<p>GPA: 4.46/5.0 weighted, slight upward trend</p>

<p>2 math classes at community college over the summer (statistics A, linear algebra B/A)</p>

Editor-in-Chief of Newspaper (for all of high school, 10 hours/week, 30 weeks/year)
Soccer Team (since I was 6, 2 Years JV, 2 Years Varsity, 10 hours/week, 30 weeks/year)
Class Treasurer (elected, 9-11 grade, 1-2 hours/week, 30 weeks/year)
Youth Soccer Referee (paid job, need license, since I was 13, 3 hours/week, 16 weeks/year)
Other minor ones include math peer tutor, volunteer with special needs children, medical program at northwestern, </p>

<p>Essay/Awards: Nothing special, but it will be good. It shouldn't change the admission committee's mind positively or negatively.</p>

<p>Standardized Tests:
SAT (Twice, Superscore): 2210 CR 760 M 750 W 700
SAT II: Math II 760, Chem 780, US History 790
AP (all are self studied, i.e. we did nothing in class specifically for the AP): Chem. 5, AB Calc. 5, English Lang. 5, US History 5, (we can't really take any more than that)</p>

<p>School List (Average SAT and GPA for kids accepted from my school):
Northwestern, prolly ED (4.36, 2193); Tufts (4.25, 2161); Wash U (4.36, 2199); Johns Hopkins (4.17, 2194); Brown (4.59, 2261); Dartmouth (4.49, 2230); Emory (4.4, 2140); Safeties are UMD and WPI/Carleton/Macalester, Chances?</p>

<p>MAIN QUESTION: Should I take the ACT, SAT again, or SAT II's in physics and spanish next year. The ACT would be a lot of work learning a new test, is it worth it? I know I can get 50 more points on the SAT without a ridiculous amount of effort, although the test is so boring, should I take that a third time? Or is it worth it to take the SAT II's in spanish (non-native) and physics (bad teacher) if I am probably going to get in the low 700's (lower than my other SATII's)? Basically, how much more energy should I expend to get into my targets (NW, Tufts, Wash U, J-Hop)?</p>

<p>I don't think you should focus on testing in the fall. Instead, I think you should change your mind on the essay and make sure it's something that shows you off in an AMAZING light, instead of just a neutral essay. Your stats are already really strong; why not focus on making the rest of your application as great as possible? :)</p>

<p>Okay, thanks so much. That's really good advice.</p>

<p>If you want, retake the SAT, otherwise it's fine. You already have three great SATII scores.</p>