Should I take the SAT again?

Hey, so I’m a gap year student (I’ll apply this year to go to uni in Fall 2017), and I gave the old SAT last year and got a score of 2220 (with a 700 in Math, 720 in critical reading, and 800 in writing). I was wondering if it made sense for me to give the SAT yet again this year. It obviously will be a hassle, with adapting to the new pattern, pending Subject SAT prep, LNAT prep, etc. What do you guys think?

There are some things to consider.

  1. Hopefully, the schools you are considering will accept the old SATs. I’m almost positive they should, because it’s still a good measure, and there are plenty of gap kids, but I would still double check.

  2. Your score of 2220 is considered very good for essentially any school.

  3. Given that the reported scores of admits to top tier schools are near perfect, and also given that their admissions processes are almost random, it’s going to be tough for just your score to get into a top school (HYP, etc). However, you can make your ECs and essays shine, and you’ll be a top contender.

I would check with the schools. Your score is good enough so that you don’t have to take it again, unless your chosen schools require it.

Hey! Thank you, I’ll check with the schools I want to apply to. It obviously does depend on the school, but if I’m considering either of the Ivies, I consider it would be prudent to retake it. what do you think?

The section scores would need to be brought up for Ivies. Try for 750+. Your composite score is great, but it masks lower section scores. Good luck.