Should I take the SAT again?

I got a 1450 on my SAT today, which is a great score (99th percentile), but I know that it is not high enough for the schools I’m looking at. I am conflicted about whether or not I should even take the November SAT because school’s are test optional this year. I have a 4.0 UW, 4.87 W, and 4s and 5s on my AP scores, which already show these schools that I am academically qualified enough to be considered. Even if I do get a 1500+, I personally don’t think it will add to my application whatsoever. Therefore, I am asking for your opinion if I should even bother with it. Thanks!

Need to know the schools and whether you need merit scholarships to attend.

Pomona, Swarthmore, Ivy League, NYU, BU. I do not need merit scholarships.

If you’re convinced it won’t, then no, it would make no sense to spend time and money to do something that makes no difference.

But I would disagree - an SAT score above the average/75th percentile for schools that look at them will certainly be advantageous.

If you don’t get into these schools with a 1450 will you regret not giving the SAT one last chance? Will you wonder if it would’ve made a difference? If so, then prep some more and take the test.

If you’re full-pay I would really consider ED to your top school.

I am applying to Yale REA today, actually!!! :slight_smile: If that does not work out, then I am considering EDII Pomona :slight_smile:

Agreed! But getting a SAT score like that is a feat in and of itself. I personally do not think it is worth it. I am registered for the November test, though. If I do change my mind, I have a plan. Thanks!

I won’t regret not taking it because schools cannot disadvantage me for not having one. I know if I get rejected it will not be because I did not have an SAT score. At least that’s how I think about it.

I would not send in the 1450 to Yale, but there’s no disadvantage for submitting without a score.