Should I take the SAT II Biology test this year or next?

<p>Hi guys,
I had a question. I am a freshman this year and I am taking biology. I asked my teacher this question, but he said he isn't really familiar with the SAT Subject Tests. I was wondering if I should take the biology one at the end of this year or wait till the end of next year, when I will be taking AP Biology as a sophomore? (I'm going to skip Chem over the summer.) Will it help me score higher if I wait a year?</p>

<p>Take it this year. If you don't do as well as you would like (nobody who posts on CC ever does as well as they'd like, even if the get 800 :), you can always take it again next year. The new AP Biology curriculum that starts in the fall of 2012 won't prepare you any better for the SAT than your current biology class.</p>