Should I take the Sat II Chemistry test in 5 days?

<p>I would be taking it as a standby test taker because my teacher told me that he was not sure whether or not we would make it through all of the material on the subject test, and we learned new material even to the last class day before the final... We kind of rushed on the last parts, and skipped many sections and chapters. My teacher said that we covered the basics and I should be able to take the sat II chem test, but I'm trying to get at least a 750 on this test... If you don't think I should take it in 5 days, I can't take it in october, so I'd have to try in september... any suggestions on how to prepare and refresh my memory for this day? Do you recommend any good study aids or books? Also, if you could, include your own experience and the score you achieved on this test... thanks!</p>

<p>At this point, you should take a few practice tests to identify areas of weakness. Then, spend some time reviewing that content.</p>

<p>Take a diagnostic and review from your weakest areas first. My weakest is solutions, and dissociation. Somehow I still don't get it</p>

<p>Do you suggest I should take it in June or October? Btw, I took a practice sat chem test. Got a 600 on it, but that was when I hadn't learned 1/4 of the material on the test yet.</p>

<p>Take one right now and report back to us on the score. Most likely, I would advise that you take it in June and October.</p>

<p>will taking it twice look shabby to the colleges?</p>

<p>Taking the test twice is not excessive; plus, you can hide any scores that you don't want colleges to see via Score Choice. However, a few schools do not want their applicants to use this option.</p>

<p>did you take sat chem?</p>

<p>Yes, I got 800 this month.</p>

<p>Congrats haha. Did you just take a regular chemistry course at your school?</p>

<p>I just completed AP Chemistry. The Subject Test does not go as deep as AP does, but it probably goes beyond most regular chemistry classes.</p>

<p>Yeah I took only a regular chem class. I think I'm gonna take it in november actually. I'll be reviewing a lot over the weekends during the school year and taking practice tests. Hopefully I don't forget a lot of material. Because taking it now just seems like a waste of money because I know I will not get the score I want. Thanks for all the input.</p>