Should I take the SAT-II?

<p>I'm currently a high school sophomore who took Honors Biology last year. I have been studying for the SAT Bio with both Barrons and Princeton Review and am getting 720+ on all practice tests so far, even though I'm not entirely done studying and reviewing. I expect at least a 750 when I take it for real in October.</p>

<p>I recently mentioned that I'll be taking the exam in October to my biology teacher from last year, and she advised me not to take it. She told me to take it after AP Bio. I'm definitely going to take AP Bio in the future as Biology is one of my strongest and favorite subjects. However, with the scores I'm getting right now on practice tests, wouldn't it just be wiser to take the SAT Bio now and get it off my chest before junior year? Or should I follow my teacher's advice and not take it until after AP Bio.</p>


<p>bumpppp :(</p>

<p>It really depends, for me am taking both the AP US history exam and the SAT Subject exam in US History but am self studying for both and many other exams in global. The reason why am self studying for AP US History and SAT Subject because I already had a year of learning for US History and I love the subject . Likewise, am learning other information in the subject of AP Us History that I did not know and it's enhancing my knowledge on this history. Am self studying for APUSH just in case there a question on the SAT Subject that am simply like "what" and I will lose 1/4 of a point. I can conjecture that she wants you to take AP Biology because she does not want you to have a "what is the world" moment on a question. I would listen to her, you can always take the SAT Subject in the spring.</p>

<p>It really depends on your goal. Do you want a 750, or do you want an 800? With an AP Bio class behind you, you'd be much more likely to score in the perfect or near-perfect range. But if you're content with around a 750, then by all means take it now. Either way, study as hard as you can.</p>

<p>^^ I agree. It's more worth it to sit out and wait and study them rush and take. You can take the exam in May and June also it no rush.</p>