Should I take the SAT?

<p>Ok, so I have only taken the ACT and I got a 31. I plan to retake it. Is it more impressive to colleges when you take both the ACT and SAT? I am going into my senior year.<br>
Should I try to take the SAT also? Would there be a point?</p>

<p>Having both tests gives you no admissions advantage, but it's beneficial to take both and see which one you score higher on.</p>

<p>^^True... I think I would be better off with the ACT. I HATE vocabulary (so the extra vocab section might not be so great on the SAT).</p>

<p>it's your call, but if money isn't an issue I'd go for it. Your not obligated to send scores, so even if you don't do well you can just... not send your scores.</p>

<p>I would stick with the ACT. If you are not an English person, than the ACT seems more your calling. However, I think you might attempt to TRY the SAT, just in case. Who knows, it might be a better option. :)</p>

<p>How does this sound? I will take the ACT in September, if my score isn't quite how I want it then I will try the SAT in November (with preparation of course).</p>

<p>Have you tried a practice SAT test from College Board just to see how you do on the SAT without prep? That might give you more of an idea where to focus your attention. Plus, it's free ;D</p>