Should I take the Spanish Subject test?

My native language is Portuguese but I’ve been living in Spain for 2 years, the Spanish Subject Test would count for my application or not?

@Merymar Plenty of native and heritage speakers of Chinese take the Chinese language Subject Test; the Spanish test would count but you may want to take an additional subject test or two to show your versatility.

Sure! It would be as an additional to US and World History. Thank you!

Note that some universities that want subject tests want specific types of subject tests, so check if two history ones and a semi-heritage-speaker Spanish one would fulfill what they want.

For native or heritage speakers, it is best if the subject test in that language were an extra one beyond the ones that the university otherwise wants to see, since some universities count subject tests in one’s native or heritage language less than others.

what do you mean by ‘count’? What schools are you looking at? You’re already taking 2, so Georgetown would be the only school that would require a third. Many schools that want 2 have specific requirements, but usually Math or a science. I’ve never seen a requirement for Spanish/a language that it would help you meet.

While it’s true that many native Chinese speakers take the Chinese language subject test, it’s also true, based on my conversations, that they mean very little to AOs. One made the analogy of a typical US student turning in great TOEFL scores.

@RichInPitt I don’t think that analogy is that accurate. It would be more accurate to compare it to the child of Americans living in China and attending Chinese medium schools scoring high in the TOEFL. It still requires a certain amount of work and dedication to score high in a language that is not your language of instruction or the language of the community where you live, regardless of whether it is spoken at home. Your typical US student attends English medium schools, lives in an English speaking community, and speaks English at home.

Closing thread. The OP asked this question over a year ago. They likely made their decision. No need to have bumped.