Should I take these classes?

<p>Hello! I'm currently a sophomore and I'm unsure of what classes I should take next year.
I have to take Comparative Literature,AP European History, Chinese 5-6 and Honors Chemistry by default because of the program that I am in my school.
I was thinking of skipping precalculus next year and going straight into AP calculus AB. I have already bought a calculus textbook to learn from over the summer. Is precal really needed?
I was also thinking of taking AP biology. I like biology haha! I took accelerated biology this year.
Is there any way that I can prepare for AP biology and calculus over the summer?
I considered going to a college but my parents are unable to give me a ride everyday.
For my other elective, I'm going to take weightlifting :D! I have a passion for bodybuilding.
Do you think these classes will be overwhelming for me? My mom is discouraging me. She doesn't want to me to take all of these AP classes. During sophomore year, I took English 5-6, Chinese 3-4, AP US history, Auto mechanics 1-2, intermediate Algebra with trig, AP US history,biology acc, and swim. I managed to get 95% and higher in all of these classes.
Thank you so much for your time!</p>

<p>If you are allowed to skip precalc and take AP calc AB then I would definitely do it my school requires taking precalc before AB and I took it last year (sophomore year) and am in AB this year and I don’t think precalc relates to AP Calc at all precalc is a lot of algebra 2 concepts and some trig stuff and AP calc is less algebra based and more concept based the only thing from precalc that translates to AB is the unit circle and you can teach yourself that easily</p>

<p>Thank you so much for replying! I will try skipping precal then!</p>