Should I take this in June if I have not studied at all?

<p>I am about to finish junior year, and I have heard a lot about this test on here and stuff, but next to nothing about anyone taking it at school. I am starting to wonder if anyone at my school even knows it exists. Lol. Anyway, I haven't studied for it all, and I just read that there will be a test on June 11th, so should I try it for the first time that day? Is it a test that you can retake as many times as you want like the SAT? Thanks for the info.</p>

<p>Try it and see. There is score choice to cover up your score if you don't like it.</p>

<p>You only need about a week to prepare. Buy the Red Book (it's the official ACT prep book) either from a book store or used online for much cheaper. Do the practice tests, see how you do, and report back. I've posted my personal strategies as to how I prepared in less than a week and got a 35 as well as the strategies I used on the test itself:
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<p>Don't worry, it's definitely not too late at all.</p>