Should I take TOEFL for apply UC?

<p>I'm not U.S. citizen but not international student either..My visa is little different than internation student visa, anyway!
I was here since middle of 7th grade, so I graudated middle school at here and I'm going to graduate high school at here,too.
I want to apply UC Irvine, Berkely, Davis, and I didn't take TOEFL test, and I'm gonna be senior next year..
Now, my question is should i take TOEFL for applying UCs? I..
If I have to take, is there time to take TOEFL and get result before deadlines?
I'm kinda nervous right now..because I don't have much time to finish all those things..</p>

<p>You need to check the websites if the different UCs that you will apply to, and read about each one’s TOEFL requirement.</p>

<p>If your post is a good example of your level of English, you definitely should take the TOEFL and you should also take another year of ESL at your high school.</p>

<p>Lastly, you need to find out if you can go to college in your current immigration status, or if you will have to change to a student visa.</p>

<p>Call an admissions officer at one of the UC schools and ask. You have studied English in USA for the last 4-6 years, so you meet the English requirements. With that said, if your Reading score is low on the SAT, a TOEFL might prove to an officer that you are able to speak English.</p>