Should I transfer from Clemson to Hofstra for the fall?

<p>I just finished my freshman year at Clemson University. I was a Biological Sciences major there but but I am more interested in something like psychology or neuroscience and minoring in cognitive science or philosophy. Possibly following a medically related field, but I don't really have a passion for it... it's just practical and has prestige.</p>

<p>I like the idea of Hofstra because it's close to the city, more liberal arts like, diversity of people, and closer to home (I'm from Buffalo NY, so it's still far but closer than Clemson)</p>

<p>Or I could go back to Clemson where I already have friends and know how the school works</p>

<p>The thing is, i'm not gung-ho about either, I like both but neither are exactly what I need. I have to choose somewhere to go in the fall and not many school have a rolling basis for transfer admission and i'm running out of time.</p>

<p>But I could always transfer again, but I feel like transferring after sophmore year wouldn't let me make many close connections...</p>

<p>If you're interested in a subject that Clemson does not have and are 100% sure that you want to pursue that major, I would transfer.....NOW! You can still make friends and connections during sophomore year. But transferring isn't something to be taken lightly. Talk with your family, friends or anybody you feel you can talk about this and you should be able to figure out if you should transfer. Good luck!</p>

<p>PS: The University Of Pittsburgh has an excellent neuroscience major and they're on rolling transfer admissions so definitely look there! If I wasn't at Clemson, I would be there right now. I visited and loved the city and the college! Plus it's not too far from Buffalo.</p>

<p>Also, you can transfer into another school second semester so that is always an option too since it may be too late for the fall.</p>

<p>oh hey pierre! I already applied and have been accepted to Hofstra, I'm still not 100% positive on what I want to major in - but i'm thinking something that involves both biology and psychology. If I stayed at Clemson I could do the Pre Professional Health Studies program with a major in Psych. Neither seems to have quite the program or environment i'm looking for so its good to know that I can transfer out in the spring too. </p>

<p>I just don't know if I should go to Hofstra and get new experiences (even though it may just be for one semester/a year and then possibly go through all the stress of having to transfer again) or go back to Clemson (where i'm already comfortable but could possibly stay there for the next 3 years if i get too attached)</p>

<p>Pittsburgh may be an option! Though I wanted something more liberal arts like. I would love to go somewhere like Vassar or Colgate but they are just out of my range, and the student population is a bit lower than i'd like</p>

<p>what about SUNY Geneseo? Not sure what their transfer policy is but I've heard that it's a great liberal arts school that's cheap for in-state residents.</p>

<p>Edit: Deadline is October 1st for the spring.</p>

<p>Edit: Another option (though 9 hours away) that I can think of is St. Mary's College of Maryland which is an hour or two outside of DC. Great liberal arts college and I know 2 people who have gone there and loved it.
Also, what about the University of Vermont? or The College of New Jersey? (big fan of this school too)</p>

<p>About transferring, this is tough. Honestly, the ideal situation would've been to think about transferring earlier. Personally, I'm not a big fan of Hofstra and I think if you got a 3.0 GPA at Clemson, you can do better than go to Hofstra (well I don't know what transfer schools are looking for so don't take my advice here!). Don't try and get too attached to Clemson this semester since it really seems like Clemson does not have the right major for you but send out some applications this fall and see what happens.</p>

<p>SUNY Buffalo is very good too. They might have more in this area too.</p>