Should I Transfer From Here?

<p>I have some tough decisions to make. Currently a Sophomore, I applied to a bunch of colleges to transfer to, thinking I wouldn't get in. Well, I got into Hofstra, St. John's, and Rutgers, with Rutgers even allowing me to do undergrad at their grad school of Public Affairs and Administration. I am a New York City resident and am definitely a "weekday warrior" as Mville. I go home to Manhattan about three times a week. But I am deeply involved in local politics, even serving my local community board, which if a very local form of government. I love Manhattanville, but perhaps I should go on to greener pastures. I have a very tough decision to make.
Nicest kids you'll ever meet, and such a diverse student body. However, they are not the smartest ones in the world. Still, I don't need that since I have a lot of older political friends. It's nice to just come back to college and hangout with some wonderful, well-meaning students.
Easy academics. Maintained a 3.0 with perhaps doing 20 minutes of homework a night. This makes it very easy for me to stay involved politically.
Also, there is heavy marijuana use, which I'm actually quite happy about. I love coming back to campus after a long day of work and just undwinding. What are the other schools' I've applied to rep on weed usage?
The school has been shaken up recently. The president departed after only two years! For those who know about these rankings: is Mville headed down the toilet or is the new president improving it? It's hard to get an honest perspective from the inside.
Students are so negative on this place. There is really very little school pride
The poli-sci dept. is almost non-existent.</p>

<p>So, my main reasons for transferring would be to go to a school closer to Manhattan so I can make my meetings, and to graduate from a school with a better reputation. Still, I do love Manhattanville in a strange way. Should I jump a sinking ship or is the ship not sinking at all?</p>