Should I transfer from Pomona College?

<p>Here is my story...</p>

<p>When I was 18 years old I packed up all my stuff and moved to Claremont, California from Waco, Texas where I entered Pomona College in 2008 as a freshman on a full-ride $200,000 scholarship. Even though I worked very hard in high school to get into a school like Pomona, I still could not believe that I was accepted. I worked for many months on my college admissions essays, did an interview with a Pomona alum, obtained two teacher recommendations, 3.9 GPA ranked #5/226, mock trial team etc. Since I come from a predominately low-income, family most of them grew jealous of me and were very negative about me going off to California for college. When that happened I slowly grew depressed(also with the pressure of being an African-American student) and it reflected in my grades(looking back I was a bit too sensitive). I was placed on academic probation my second semester at Pomona and was on the brink of having to withdraw from the college. In the middle of the semester, my roommate noticed that I wasn't sleeping, eating, anxious, and not attending class. So the school sent me to a mental hospital. I was in that mental hospital for two weeks and it was one of the scariest moments in my life. My mom had to come get me and Pomona paid for our flight, motel, and gave her a rent car.</p>

<p>I was placed on involuntary medical leave from Pomona and had to return to Texas with only 1 semester at Pomona completed. </p>

<p>Yet things got a HELL of a lot worse...</p>

<p>My plan was to attend my local community college for a year(completed a semester 16hrs) and then return to Pomona in the fall 2010.
but on November 12, 2009 my brother shot my father, a local firefighter, in the head and set fired to his house(my father doesn't live with us). My father died from the gunshot wound and being burned beyond recognition. My brother suffered burns on 75% of his body and spent time at Parkland memorial hospital before being arrested on capital murder charges. There was strong media coverage of the story(it was even on CNN) and front page of the local paper. My brother says his father used to sexually abuse him. I believe him because my brother used to molest me when we were kids. The trial is set to begin this month...</p>

<p>My brother faces a life sentence without parole.</p>

<p>Should I still pursue Pomona after all of this crap or just go to a college in Texas even though I have to spend another year at a community college?</p>

<p>What does everyone think! I feel like my family is ruining my life!</p>

<p>Sorry to hear about all of the negative things going on in your life but I will add one thing, follow your dreams and never settle for the lesser alternative if at all possible. I had the option of settling for a lackluster state school that did not feel like the right choice for me but instead chose to do an additional year at my cc so I could transfer to a better program. It might be smart to speak to Pomona first as well to see what the chances of them letting you back in are if you do a year at a CC to reestablish your gpa.</p>

<p>Your reasons for transferring are extremely personal, and therefore only you can decide whether or not the transfer is right. However, you want opinions: it sounds like you have an incredible opportunity (full ride) at Pomona that can hopefully set you up to pursue the successful life you clearly deserve. I would think twice before turning your back on that, however you may find that at this point in your life your place should be at home. Perhaps Pomona will allow you to take a leave for a semester or a year and then return; as mentioned above you should contact the school to figure out your options.</p>

<p>Tough story, sounds like you should get out of Texas and get a great fresh start with that Pomona degree.</p>

<p>Go to Pomona and kick-ass! Show those academic probation officers that you are better than that and that you can rise above ANYTHING.</p>

<p>^^^It sounds like the 'academic probation officers' were doing the OP a favor:</p>

In the middle of the semester, my roommate noticed that I wasn't sleeping, eating, anxious, and not attending class.


<p>And that they treated him/her and their family very well:</p>

My mom had to come get me and Pomona paid for our flight, motel, and gave her a rent car.


<p>I'm sure they would be more than happy to see the OP succeed.</p>

<p>Wouldn't Pomona College help you get away from that?</p>

<p>I'm so sorry to hear about all your trials. I do believe you can rise above everything. I personally would recommend staying in So-Cal and being separate from home drama right now. You have to put you first. Focus on eating your meals, sleeping well, and enjoying yourself out here in Socal. Its your time to shine.</p>

<p>I am not a therapist but I would recommend separating yourself from the situation in Texas and getting psychological counseling immediately. Do not let anything hold you back from pursuing what you want to do and that means not letting your family put you on a guilt trip about leaving Texas to go to college in California. This is your life and your time to succeed and discover yourself. Good luck!</p>