Should I transfer in Spring/ Winter, or wait for next Fall?

So at the end of this Fall (2020), I’ll be finished at my CC with two ADT’s in Sociology and Social Justice, as well as two AA’s in Social and Behavioral Sciences and Gender, Ethnicity, and Multicultural Studies with an emphasis on Chicano Studies. I want to apply for an English major for transfer. I know that, according to, most of the schools don’t require major pre- reqs just some recommended courses in English. So I have already completed a TAG (transfer admission guarantee) to UCR for Winter 2021. I am meeting all requirements so I should get that acceptance. My dream school would be UCLA. UCLA doesn’t accept Spring/ Winter transfers. If I wanted to apply I’d have to apply for next Fall, graduating a year behind what I would graduate by going to UCR. If I were to wait it out, I’d take the recommended courses for UCLA’s English program which would also give me the couple extra classes needed for an ADT in English. I have an overall 3.87 gpa (which can go up to a 3.9 if I get A’s in my upcoming classes, my transcript only has two B’s) , I have friends who got into UCLA with a GPA around mine, plus getting 5 degreed I think I’d be a strong candidate. Should I wait and see if I get accepted to UCLA (setting back my graduation date), or should I just go along with UCR (I am already happy with UCR, I just want a shot at UCLA since it’s my dream school)?