Should I transfer to Santa Monica College?


<p>Right now I'm kinda debating whether I should go to SMC for my second year of college and I need some advice. I want to go to UCLA or USC and I've read that SMC is great for transferring to those univeristies. Right now I'm an out of state student and if I go to Santa Monica I might have a better chance to get into USC or UCLA. If I stay out where I am I could get two or three associate degrees by the start of next summer but I would have a worse chance of getting in as UCLA only accepted 7% of Out of state students but accepted 33% of in state students. On the other hand, if I go I might not be able to earn a degree at all but I would have a better chance at getting into the school that I want to go to. I also want to do film so moving out to LA would let me apply to internships or find a job as a PA. I've added up all the costs and I would have a place to live and would be able to afford it. I'm just having a hard time deciding on what I should do. What do you guys think?</p>