Should I transfer?

I am currently a freshman completing my first semester at the University of Arkansas. When applying to colleges last year I deeply considered the University of Missouri, but due to still being unsure of what I wanted to major in and being so close to the U of A I decided to go there. Now, more than half way through the semester, I am not in love with the U of A and less than impressed with the journalism program (which is what I have decided to major in). Knowing that Missouri has arguably the best journalism program in the country, I have applied there to transfer. Is it worth paying out of state tuition to attend Missouri which would overall provide me with a more qualified degree? Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks.

Missouri is an easy state to obtain residency in, which is what many out of state students do to pay in-state tuition. You’d only have to pay OOS tuition for a year if you obtain residency. So that’s definitely an option that I recommend; Mizzou’s journalism school is definitely worth it if you can afford it, but I wouldn’t suggest going in extreme debt.