Should I try for the Gates Millenium Scholarship?

My family’s gross AGI is around $100k, but I have two siblings in college. Do you think I would be eligible for the Pell Grant needed to be a Gates Scholar? I just don’t want to waste my time if I won’t have a chance.

I apologize, I meant my family’s AGI is around $100k (no such thing as gross AGI)

You must be Pell Eligible as an eligibility requirement for the gates. Even with 3 kids in college it is highly unlikely that you are Pell eligible

Your FAFSA EFC would need to be under $5200 to be Pell eligible. Have you done a FAFSA estimator to see what your EFC would be?

With one in college, I would guess your EFC would be about $25,000 a year…so divide by three, and you still would be above the Pell cutoff.

But I’m guesstimating. Try an EFC calculator and see what it says.


And the application for,this year is due on January 13.

^One week to go!

Final year for Gates Millenium new applicants!

@Madison85 What do you mean? Will it not be available to apply to for next year’s seniors?


There will be a new “Gates Scholarship” that will replace the Gates Millennium Scholarship. It’s a much smaller program and doesn’t start until 2018.