Should I try to push my app back to RD?

<p>Well, I'll start off with my stats-</p>

<p>Public HS, ~180 students, rank 10
ACT: 33
SAT: Haven't taken.
SATII: Writing- 790 Math IIC- 750 Physics- 770
Calc AB- 5</p>

<p>Recs- The one from my english teacher will probably very good, math teacher also good but she probably won't have as much insight into my character, etc. </p>


Consumers/Drivers Ed A
English 10 (A) (there was a honors english and speech section that I should have taken put didn't, the rest of the courses (for example, hist and phys, our school doesn't have honors sections for)
Speech 10 (A)
French II (A/A)
Health/PE (A-/A)
Pre-Calc (A/A)
Physics M (A/A)
World Hist 2 (A-)
Band (A/A)</p>

Hon. World Lit (A/A)
French III (A/A)
AP Calc AB (A/A)
US History (A/A)
Band (A/A)
Physics 197/198 (at local university) (A/A)</p>

Calc 2 (B+)
Astronomy (A-)</p>

AP Euro
*Computer Apps
Early American Lit
Linear Algebra (university)
Physics 200 (university)
*Combinatorics? (university)
*Composition (university)</p>

<p>My school offers 4 AP's: AP English, AP Calc AB, AP Euro, and AP Chem. I couldn't take chem in 11th grade because my university class was at a time that took 2 periods, I'm self studying on top of regular chem this year to take the ap. Also, I couldn't take AP english this year because it conflicted with both my university classes (which are at the same time on alternating days). I'll probably add a note about this and have my g.c. sign it or something to prove I didn't make it up, but still I doubt it will help much. </p>


<p>Trumpet, 9-12, 15h/w- district orchestra, all-state, marching band, pep band, wind symphony</p>

<p>Science club, 11-12, 2h/w- secretary, top in cat. (Eng) at regionals, didn't win at state, got "gold medal" there, which most people get (for that there's a point system, so no limit on how many people can get it)</p>

<p>Physics tutor, 12, 2h/w- tutor ~10 peers for 2 hours every monday</p>

<p>Scholastic bowl and math team, 10-12, nothing special</p>

<p>1st in physics and 1st in computers at regional WYSE competition
2nd in regional math competition</p>


<p>As you can see I have an extremely poor chance of getting accepted in any case: my EC's and course schedule are terrible.
If I hold off to RD, and retake the math and physics to get 800's as well as send a mid year transcript of all A's, will that give me a better chance than applying as is EA?</p>

<p>Here are my concerns-
1) I'm applying engineering, and especially with all the math/phys coursework I've taken, I'm afraid my SAT2 scores will make me look bad.
2) The latest grades I have are the B+ and A- from over the summer.</p>

<p>If I hold off I may also get an extra rec from my band director and submit a audio tape (though the latter probably won't happen). So what do you think?

<p>I guess since you don't have an SAT score. Their last EA date is Oct</p>

<p>I don't plan on taking the SAT 1; they accept the ACT, so my converted score would be around 1470.</p>

<p>well, I really have no clue how they view someone who changes from EA to RD. But if they don't view it negatively in any way, I suggest you do so.</p>

<p>Do you think I would have any chance at RD?</p>

<p>^ ofcourse. you're in top 10% and you have excellent test scores. you definitely have a chance.</p>

<p>Hey Sam, what school do you go to? You're obviously in IL cuz you compete WYSE.</p>

<p>"1) I'm applying engineering, and especially with all the math/phys coursework I've taken, I'm afraid my SAT2 scores will make me look bad."</p>

<p>What?? Even if you're planning to major in engineering, I don't think your scores will make you look bad. 750 and 770 for Math and Physic respectively are both good scores. o<em>O I'm actually pretty surprised that you think they're bad. x</em>X</p>

<p>Sam, your stats are pretty good i'd say... if you've completed your application, apply EA</p>

<p>Thanks for all the advice guys. I guess I'm leaning towards applying EA. I'm afraid they'll think I've lost intrest in the school if I ask to push back my app.
Chibearsfans, I'm from Macomb. Where are you from?</p>