Should I upload my business' spreadsheet as a supplemental material?

Hello all,

I run a small online business where I buy and sell designer clothes. I have experienced some success this year, with $100,000 in gross sales. I have written about this in my “additional information and circumstances” for the colleges that I will be applying to, but I feel like it may be best if I prove my sales figure by uploading the spreadsheet where I keep track of my sales, shipping costs, fees, and profit margins. I have PayPal, StockX, and GOAT order numbers associated with each transaction, so there is ample evidence of the business that I have conducted. Would this be considered a good idea to upload? My business is basically the centerpiece of my activities because my extra curriculars are weak otherwise.

Thank you!

Applicants don’t get into Harvard based on sales figures.


To pile on - no.