Should I Use Associates Degree (ADT) For Transferring To UCLA?

I’m applying as a CCC transfer to a number of CSU’s and UC’s. 4.0 GPA and I will have IGETC and all major prereqs done by spring. I am doing the ADT program for the CSU’s, but I don’t know whether or not I should put that on my UCLA application. I have all major requirements done for political science. Will the ADT help or hurt my application? Thank you.

The ADT is meant to aid transfers to the CSU system, as per Online Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) – California Virtual Campus It is not recognized by the UC system. I don’t see it as hurting if you mention it on your UC app, but it doesn’t seem like it would help either.

The thing that would help at UCLA is if you

  • are interested in a major that is in Letters and Science
  • have TAP certification – see

TAP lets you put a 2nd less competitive major on your app; ordinary xfer students can only list one major. More importantly it gives priority in admission. In 2020 general transfer Students were admitted to UCLA at a rate of 24%. By contrast, TAP applicants were admitted at a rate of 78%.

As for the other UCs, if you qualify you should use the TAG program which gives guaranteed admission at one UC of your choice from the six that participate

If I have not yet taken any honors courses, is it too late to get TAP certification? Like IGETC, is it something that you report WILL be finished by spring? Thanks for the help!