Should I wait for Tag approvals before sending out the UC applications?

<p>I noticed there are some schools you can't check off for the tag on the application until you've actually been accepted(like UC davis)</p>

<p>is it a good Idea to just wait it out a week or so?</p>

<p>does it make any difference how early you send in your apps?</p>

<p>It makes no difference when you send in the UC app so long as you do it before the deadline. Results aren’t published based upon when you submitted. The UCs will get your apps, sort them all out, run them through the computer to set a GPA limit and then start releasing admission decisions in pre-defined batches, generally starting with higher GPAs first.</p>

<p>You might as well wait for the decisions since there’s no benefit to submitting it earlier.</p>

<p>I am going to wait another week (after the 15th).
But I wouldn’t put off filling it out & writing the essay. Have everything prepared to submit, you can start it now and save it. That is what I did.</p>

<p>^yeah me too!!!
and also, a ucsd and a berk rep are coming to my cc in like a week or so…im going to have them take a little sneak peek at my app just to make sure everything is good</p>

<p>Do note that on the UC app, the boxes you’re supposed to check for TAG at several (not all) UCs instruct you to only check it if you’ve received approval for your TAG. So wait until you’ve received approval to submit, so you can check the boxes appropriately.</p>

<p>it won’t make a difference when you send it, really. But work on the application, get it done, and once you know your TAG results send the application over! :D</p>