Should I withdraw if I'm going to get a C?

Currently a sophomore, I’m likely going to get a C in this class, should I drop it? In order to get a B- I would need to get at least a 92% on the final exam. I don’'t think I will go to grad school though. I heard future employers don’t look at the transcript, just the GPA on the resume right? I’ll probably graduate with an mediocre GPA anyways, so the C won’t affect me that much.

You are not required to list your GPA on job resumes, so if you are not happy with your GPA do not list it. One C will not be that detrimental to your GPA if you are doing well in the rest of your classes. Will dropping the class require an extra semester in College to retake? Are costs an issue if you have to retake?


No not an extra semester. My second semester of my senior year I’m set to take 12 credits, so I can just add this class the end and it won’t cost me anymore money. Still, I already have a total of 3 W’s on my transcript so far. I don’t want to raise anymore red flags since who knows if an employer might ask for the transcript.

There is also an option that I can take the class on pass/no pass. But it’s a class required for my major so I will have to take it again anyways since I need a letter grade for it to count. But at least it won’t look too bad if I end up going to grad school or if an employer does look at my transcript?

Things to consider when thinking about Withdrawing from a class:

  1. **TALK TO YOUR ADVISER ** before you make any decisions

  2. ** Will taking a W move you from full time to part time? ** Full time is usually 12 credits (check your college). If you are part time you are not eligible for financial aid or living in dorms.

  3. ** Is this class needed for your major? ** If you don’t take it now, will you have to take it again? Will it cause you to fall behind in keeping up with your major classes?

  4. **Why are you getting a C? ** What happens the next time you get a C? W again? One W is okay, but a pattern shows that you have difficulty with college.

  5. **Will Withdrawing from a course make it difficult to graduate on time? ** Will you need to make it up in summer $$ or do you have extra credits from HS?

  6. **Can you raise your grade? ** Check this post for ideas

  7. If this course is in your major, is this the right major for you? If you are pre-med but are getting a C in Biology, maybe this is not the major for you. If you are getting a C in an elective, that is another story. **Sometimes W’s are necessary. ** My daughter was in the hospital for a week early in the semester…she Withdrew from a course because she would not be able to catch up on all her courses if she kept all the classes. A W here or there is no problem, but a pattern of them looks like you have trouble with college work.

In this case I would say no, don’t withdraw with a C. But try to figure out why you are getting a C.
Also, isn’t it past the withdrawal date?

I’m a community college student who is planning on transfering and am getting a C in Econ and am not sweating It because I know it will still transfer, not affect my GPA much in the long run, and my GPA may not transfer to a four year school. Only my GPA from the school I graduate from is what employers may or may not care about.

As for your situation, what is your major? What Kind of Job do you want to have after graduation? If you have internship experience or can prove your abilities through skills, experience, and resume then that may outweigh the GPA factor. Many Companies that hire STEM workers have various GPA requirements of 3.0, 3.2, and 3.5.

I’m struggling because it’s my first 300 level course I’ve taken, and I’m taking 3 this semester actually.
The withdraw date is this Friday since my school starts late.

I’m an economics major so I may go to grad school. I need this class for my major so I will have to retake it if I drop.