Should I withdraw my ED2 to WashU?

You may know some of this information from a few other threads, but just summarising everything here.

I’m an A level student studying in Bombay, applying with Biomedical Engineering as my first choice major.

My early decision was Duke, but I didn’t get in. My ED 2 is Washington University in St. Louis. The other colleges I’ve got in EA through so far are:

Union College in NY (with a $25k per year scholarship)
Case Western Reserve University ($20k scholarship)
Tulane University (around $18k scholarship)
Purdue University
Georgia Institute of Technology

The other colleges I’ve applied to that I’ve yet to receive decision from are UCB, UCLA, UCSD, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, Harvard and Harvey Mudd College.
I’ve also applied to the UK, where my unis are Imperial College London, University College London, University of Warwick, Aston University and King’s College London. I may also send an application to the University of Toronto, in Canada.

From where I’ve been admitted, Gtech is probably my top choice, and when. Icompare it to WashU I find both have their own advantages and disadvantages (still doing research). Apart from that, I’d also like to be able to keep my options open, in case I do get into more good colleges in the RD round, or elsewhere. From what I’ve gathered so far, I can send a mail to WashU’s admission department to ask to change my application to RD instead. I realise this may well result in not getting into WashU, since they’re very centred about yield rates, but I’m trying to gather more opinions on whether this is worth it.

Other info - Applied for Danforth Scholarship in WashU. Scholarships aren’t a deciding factor in the process but it does help. 1510 SAT I’ve submitted everywhere but Harvard and JHU so far (+UK and Canada). My essays are probably very strong, since I’m a writer, and they’re edited by father (Also a writer). I’m an athlete (soccer + track). Other ECs include writing a research paper, EIC of school magazine, internship, House Captain, debate captain, photography, Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award and a few more. We don’t get GPAs in our school, but I’ve top grades so far. CWRU, GTech and Purdue are conditional on keeping up my grades (which hopefully I will be able to do in these exams that start in Feb).

In all likelihood, I will send the mail requesting a round change, but any insights at all would be very valuable.

To me the fact that you even question it is reason enough. ED2 is binding and it means it’s where you know you want to be - no regrets. This sounds like you aren’t sure and the ones you are already in are great schools. My daughter just committed ED2 CWRU and her now pulled RD list was similar. It’s where she wanted to be and now is done with no care about would have/should hav/could have. As I see it, the questioning at me would be a reason to switch.


I, too, would question why you submitted binding ED applications at schools that were not your first choice. If you will need more time to reconsider your options, you can always contact them to change your ED2 app to RD.


I’m with a private counselling group that has been advising an helping me; it was their recommendation that I apply ED2 to WashU. At the time I had not been admitted to a school as good and my counsellor does say it’s an excellent school for my major. At any rate, I’m planning to have a talk with her to discuss things over again

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I also applied ED to maximise my chances, and chances at some of these other top schools are pretty low anyway

If GTech is your top choice and you do not absolutely need finaid to attend schools in the US (and your parents agree), it looks sensible to withdraw your ED2 to WashU.


Gtech is my top choice amongst my current admits, but maybe not overall. I’m not entirely sure between Gtech and WashU because they’re very different in their own ways, but it’s mainly about having the option to choose for me.

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That means you shouldn’t apply ED2, since it literally deprives you of that option to choose you so value.


College Counselor here. I only mention that fact to give you a different perspective than your college counselor.

I don’t believe in using ED or ED2 purely for strategizing odds. ED should ONLY be used if there is a clear cut first choice college. While you like WashU a lot, it doesn’t sound like it is necessary your clear cut first choice, and in fact, it sounds like you’d like to weigh options when the dust settles, and ED doesn’t allow for that.

Your post caught my eye because I have a student in a sorta similar situation. She applied ED to Cornell, her clear first choice and got deferred. She says WashU is her second choice. She’s accepted already to her third choice, Tulane. She decided to apply ED2 to WashU. After doing so, she questioned it and if she should change to RD and asked me about it at that point. I mentioned how ED should only be if it is clearly the first choice. How will she feel if admitted ED2 to WashU and has to withdraw her app to Cornell? She really wants Cornell and has sent things to Cornell to “help” with her deferral. I know she put in ED2 to WashU to help her odds there, but I don’t think that is the best reason to do that, and it should only be used if certain one wants to commit and not be able to weigh options. I don’t think she has switched it to RD though.


Seems like you and your counselor don’t understand what ED means.

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Switch your ED2 application to regular decision.


A question for those who know: will WashU hold it against OP if they switch to RD? I think that’s really the question, isn’t it?

The OP may be in the midst of what I imagine is common - angst over having made such a big commitment and the second-guessing that goes with that. Or, it may be true regret. I can’t tell (both are legit emotions right now, OP, no judgments from me). I think what to do next is a function of what WashU will do if OP switches. It is also a function of which is worse for OP: (a) the regret of not switching and getting into the first choice school v (b) the regret of switching and not getting into WashU or any other schools. You need to have a sense of the likelihood of either (a) or (b) happening to figure that out, and therefore what WashU is going to do is an important thing to know.

My guess is no one knows for sure whether WashU will look less favorably on OP, but for sure WashU probably won’t look more favorably. So, assuming the worst and WashU looks less favorably on OP, OP has to decide which is the lesser of two regrets for them: giving up a solid shot at WashU and not getting in anywhere else, or getting into WashU and finding out they got in somewhere else they wanted more. Only OP can answer that, but there likely will be regret either way.

That’s the glass half empty analysis. The glass half full analysis is there is no bad choice here because OP is already into a great school. The stakes aren’t as high as it feels like. OP applied to WashU for a reason and will almost certainly be happy if OP lets the ED2 ride, and will almost certainly be happy if they don’t.


Switching your ED application to RD clearly shows lack of intent to enroll.


No doubt. But, it could be that they switch it to RD and not put a scarlet letter on the app. It could be there is no extra ding compared to any other RD app.

OTOH, the ED2 apps are probably under review already.

As long as decision haven’t been sent, I believe a switch to RD is possible.


I am sure it is. But in my mind the likelihood of the school holding the switch against an applicant goes up if they have already started reviewing the file.

Eta: It isn’t a question of can you switch. It is a question of should you.


Better to switch or withdraw now than post next month about how to get out of ED obligation.


We are on the same page on that one.

OP needs to figure out if they are the glass half empty or full type, and/or decide what they regret more now. And be ok with the consequences.


Sounds like you should change to RD.

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If a school rejects you because you switch your application type from ED2 to RD, is that a school you want to attend?