Should I worry about not taking DE Pre-calculus (currently taking Honors Precalc this summer)?

For reference, I am currently a rising sophomore taking Honors-level Pre-calculus online during the summer. Originally, I wanted to take Dual Enrollment Pre-calculus online throughout the summer, but I was not able to make this happen. Should I worry about not taking Dual Enrollment Pre-calculus? Will admissions officers look down upon my transcript when they see Honors-level Pre-calculus, and not Dual Enrollment Pre-calculus? The reason why I wanted to take Pre-calculus in the summer was so that I could be in the position where I could take AP Calculus BC as a sophomore (upcoming school year). Please share your thoughts!

No; it won’t matter. If you take AP Calc BC sophomore year, what math classes can/will you take Junior and Senior year?

Pre Calc at a college is nearly a remedial course. Any good HS pre Calc class is going to be way more difficult than a college one.

I plan on taking IB Math AA HL junior and senior year.

This will mostly duplicate the content of precalculus and calculus, but add statistics, so the actual content value may not be that great compared to spending two years (and a lot of work as IB courses are known for) on it.