Should I...

<p>Guys, I wanted to inquire should I apply to Cornell? Or to say it better, what you think, what are my chances? just give me your opinions. This is my stats...
GPA-10 out of 10
Ranking-first in a public school out of 770 students(whole number of students, not graduating class)
3rd place on national educational olympiad
finalist of national educational olimpyad in writing essays(two times approximately 20-25th places), geography(besides being 3rd in ranking, in deifferent year placed on 11), history(25th place)...
the winner of contests, including bussines olympiad, research competitions, etc. it's beyond of school, at schooln also have a myriad of awards, but is it worth submitting?
participated in a summer school of english, where kids were chosen to attend summer english language courses in england without paying money..
volunteer job-200+ hours
worked as a volunteer coordinator of projects related to the department of youth affairs of my country, letter of gratitude from official..
participated in a lot of projects, such as european youth parliament, etc...
But one big problem is that my family will not feasibly be able to pay for my tution more than 5-7k dollars..
what are your advices?</p>

<p>Oh, sorry, my SAT-s are cr-630, math-800, writing-750.</p>