Should I...?

<p>Should I drop a fun, unweighted class for an AP class? </p>

<p>The Circumstances:</p>

<p>The fun, unweighted class is Psychology. The AP class is AP Art History.</p>

<p>The AP Art History class is taught online and it is the only AP class offered by my school, and this is the first year it is being offered. The thing is, though, that taking this class would probably bump me into the top five in my class from being just outside the top ten.
Also, I'm interested in applying to Vanderbilt and I feel like not having any AP classes is a major disadvantage.</p>

<p>The Psychology class is unweighted, very fun, interesting, and taught by a great teacher that I've had before.</p>

<p>Any advice? Thanks.</p>

<p>No, don't. Take the class you enjoy and are actually interested in.</p>

<p>No college will hold a lack of APs against you if your school doesn't offer any. If you or your counsellor briefly explain that you passed on the only AP class at your school in order to do something you were genuinely interested in, no one will think less of you or your academic ability.</p>

<p>This is simply my unqualified opinion, of course.</p>

<p>personally, I'd rather take AP Art History, mainly because I think the material would be more interesting (psychology can easily be read up on independently), but also because of the rank advantages. I've been taking all honors and AP classes throughout high school, more out of concern for my rank than for personal enjoyment. I figure I'll enjoy college plenty :)</p>