Should my daughter send ACTscores

<p>All of my daughters apps are in for the fall, 2012, along with her sat scores, which are about 1710 at best. I just today, received her ACTscore- which is a composite of 25. Are these scores very similar? Is it worth sending out the ACT scores to the one college which I think is a reach for her- TCNJ?</p>

<p>Here's the SAT-ACT score comparison chart:</p>

<p>ACT-SAT</a> Concordance</p>

<p>Assuming the SAT score is M+CR+W, the scores are about the same.</p>

<p>Since some schools still don't use the SAT writing subscore, it would help us to know how that 1710 breaks down, i.e., the individual CR, M, W.</p>