Should my DD ED Brown University or UVA in CS Major

Asian girl in VA, could you please advise if she should ED Brown University or UVA in CS Major?

GPA: 4.4/5.0 weighted
SAT: 1490–still waiting for the August 27 SAT score
AP: 10 includes Senior year, most of them are STEM related, so far has 2 of 5s, 3 of 4s, 1 of 3 and 1 of 2
Major classes are STEM or computer science related
EC: President in one big school club, officer in Model UN, sport
Reward: writing rewards(2 local and 1 state), Model UN small rewards, NTHS member, President’s Volunteer Service Award gold in 2022

Should she submit the dance video if apply Brown? of if the dance video will help?
Thank you!!

Are you OOS UVA ?

Both unlikely but I would choose the one I want to be at. They are vastly different.

I hope she is finding the right school for her and not just a big name. UVA is likely more likely but that’s not important if it’s not the right school for her.

With ED I always want to ask - any budget concerns ?

Thanks for your ideas. UVA is IS and no budget concerns for us.
Could I ask if CS major in the Art and Science in UVA would be more likely? Or if there are any schools you can recommend? Thank you!!

For schools similar to Brown in one or more ways, this site may offer you ideas:

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Just CS or hoping to double major and/or perform as a non major ?

Why is Brown attractive ?

Why is UVA attractive ?

Much better chances at UVA, particularly if you are not from NoVa but another part of Va

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We’re from NoVa. Double major would be great, we are not familiar with this program. Could you please advise where to research the program?
Both Brown and UVA have high CS ranking per USnews, UVA is the instate college. Besides these two schools, could you please give some advise on some other schools? My daughter prefers CS major and she’s taking some CS classes in high school.

We’re from NoVa. I don’t know that UVA prefers other part of VA than NoVa.

A double major represents a choice. For example, your daughter could major in computer science or data science along with another major in, say, dance.

Thank you. Double major would be great. Can we add “double major” in common app?

More relevantly, the desire for a double major may influence college selection, in that some schools structure their curricula to make them especially compatible for students with diverse interests. At such schools, your daughter would not need to commit to a major of any type until the second semester of her sophomore year.

Will depend on the school - just know the sequence of courses may make you add a year.

For CS, short of your MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Illinois, etc., many think where you go doesn’t matter. As an example, my nephew is 30, has a poli sci degree from Arizona, and just started at SNAP - self taught.

What I worry about is when I asked why these two, your response was - Both Brown and UVA have high CS ranking per USnews,

I suggest you try to narrow - for example, does your daughter want urban, suburban, or rural? Large or small? What kiind of weather? These are just a few things - but since you are full pay, to narrow in on the right college.

Assuming you earn +.5 for Honors and 1 for AP - with 10 APs I’m guessing her unweighted GPA is 3.7 or 3.8 so there’s been several Bs.

What level of math has she gotten to?

Your state is blessed with great publics - yes UVA is strong on comp sci but and it’s larger VA Tech is strong too and for smaller William & Mary is strong as well. So right there is three apps - and I haven’t even gotten to JMU, CNU, and GMU if you want to be by DC.

Then there’s lots of out of state schools - and would be easier ins and are fine.

But since you’re full pay and willing to pay $80K+ a year for Brown, you can go anywhere - but let’s find the right school - whether it’s an LAC or large state school.

I’d start there.

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Congratulations on her achievements.

Depending on what is driving your question she may want to EA UVA and ED at Brown.

Are you trying to formulate a strategy for applying or asking which school would be a better fit?

Brown has a fairly particular culture and community based on the open curriculum. What appeals to her about Brown or is there info people familiar with the school can offer?

It isnt that UVA doesnt like NoVa; the problem is that it gets an overwhelming number of qualified applicants from there, and must have some geographic diversity for the state legislature. I know many IS students with similar stats who were not admitted EA, but I think there would be a reasonable chance ED.


CS programs vary so much. Do not just look at the rankings or prestige. The rankings for departments are looking at grad school stats many times.

Even on the same campus there can be various CS pathways. Some are in the College of engineering, while others are stand alone. Some have options focused on AI and have cross curricular course offerings. Some are programming for hours a day.

It sounds like more research may be needed before EDing somewhere. Or there may be no need to ED. It is not a requirement or rite of passage even if it feels like it at her school. With your financial flexibility she can look at non-binding EA options and have until next April to decide.

I suggest that you first make a broad college list and narrow it down to a final list. Then think about where you want to ED. Make sure that the ED school is your student’s top choice and not just the top-ranked college they are applying to.


Congrats to her on a great record!

What is her approximate rank?
How many Bs has she had? I am trying to get at her unweighted gpa.
What is her SAT breakdown? what AP tests were NOT 5s or 4s?

Has she taken all possible honors or AP in Stem and non-stem classes? If not, what core areas has she skipped honors or AP?

I am asking all of this to try to realistically assess ED Brown chances. If she likes UVa and Brown similarly, this is a tough decision.

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I might add - if you go with UVA and the BA instead of the BS - I would research career outcomes.

Are the BA kids getting hired at the same level of BS ? What are the salary differences.

You want to ensure you are aware of the outcomes at the program you are choosing…anywhere.

I don’t know, but suspect, there will be a difference here.

Thank you all so much for your advices.

Some details about her courses and GPA: most of the courses she takes in 11th and 12th grade(now) are AP level STEM or CS. Her weighted GPA is 4.45 with one B and two A- in 11th grade.

What’s her chance if she ED UVA CS program in engineering school?

We are also thinking CS program in U of Waterloo and McGill U. Is there any chance she could get into one of these?


Our county doesn’t provide rank. Beside one B and two A-, all of other courses are A.

Her SAT is 720 in Reading and 770 in Math and total 1490.
AP Physics and Spanish are below 4.
AP CS and History are 5, AP calculus AB, English, Macro and Micro are 4,
She is taking Calculus BC and Physics C and some other AP or AP level classes in 12th grade.

Thank you!