should my S bother applying now

<p>Is it worth it for my S to apply now? sat 1st time 610 CR 740 M 630 W 2nd time 630 CR 690M 690 W Does Michigan not superscore? Also his GPA is 4.0W out of 4.3-4.4 but that includes freshman year. If they only look at soph and jr year then his gpa would be 4.1. He has taken 5 AP's including Calc, 2 Physic courses, Comp Science,History. He wants to apply for computer engineering and had first thought Michigan was too far but now wants to apply. Do you think he has a chance? We are out of state.. He has a good amount of EC's capt. ice hockey team/travel hockey etc..</p>

<p>If he can answer "why Michigan" and you can afford it, then nothing ventured, nothing gained but he should apply soon. If he's looking for a big huge campus in the midwest then he should look at Illinois which is also very good comp eng. also before he commits to sending in a Michigan app although there is alot to like about Ann Arbor as a location.</p>

<p>He has always been able to say why Michigan..but Penn State (in state) and Virginia tech were closer and less expensive (Michigan more prestigious as well). The problem is now he is not so sure about these other schools and he regrets not applying to Michigan. I wasnt sure about the SAT scores or how they rework their gpa if at all. He was just wondering what is chances were at this point</p>


<p>Your S has excellent SAT scores that exceed the average, an excellent GPA, a large (but not extraordinary) amount of AP classes, and it sounds like good ECs. I was accepted to the university OOS with the same ACT and a much much lower GPA. Of course he should apply! If your S has an interest in a college and meets it's averages, why would not applying ever been an option?</p>