Should my son cancel his AP Calc test? It won't get him college credit no matter what he gets

My son is going to Arizona State in the fall. At ASU, you can test out of “MAT 270” by scoring a 3 or higher on either the AP Calc AB or the AP Calc BC test. He already took the AP Calc AB test and got a 3. Is there any reason for him to take the AP Calc BC test in addition? It doesn’t give him any other college credit at ASU. The school didn’t see any reason for him to take it but I feel funny canceling.


Only reason I could see taking it is if he might transfer. Maybe would work at other school. I would probably cancel unless he really wants to take it.

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Cancel. The college board did a horrible job this year, no reason to stress him out.


I agree, cancel. Unless you have found a benefit to doing so, why add to an already taxing season. Congrats on ASU!

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