Should Prof's publicly post grade cut offs?

<p>Prof's are required to show your midterm/finals' scores (even if you can't keep the exams). But do you (the student) have the right to know the grade cut offs for A+/A/A-/B+/B/B-/etc. ? </p>

<p>I'm talking about curved courses where top x% get A's and next y% get the B's, etc. I know that the SAT/AP's don't reveal this information, but what do you think about prof's in college? By this, I mean they post the percentage of an A ie) 85%<A<100% ; 65<B<84%, etc. What I also wonder, is how do they know the exact cutoffs for +/-. at my school they have no set rules for grades, although sometimes I feel like they place arbitrary cutoffs... </p>

<p>I'm really curious about this b/c the majority of my classes are curved and there were times I was SUPER thankful I scrapped an A-, but other times I was upset that I got barley lower above the avg.</p>

<p>have you tried getting your questions answered from... you know... the professor who is teaching the class?</p>

<p>I don't think professors are required to do much. Soccerguy has the right idea though--send an e-mail requesting cut-offs.</p>

<p>It probably varies somewhat from school to school, but I don't see why they'd have to. Some professors even change what an A or B or whatever is based on the grades in the class, generally for your benefit.</p>

<p>But aren't any of you ever curious?! I once emailed the prof about my final exam grade b/c I thought he wasn't gonna post it. (he eventually did) It took him way longer than usual to get back to me b/c he was on vacation. Hhaha I guess prof's get lazy, too! Many of them don't bother checking as often when they are on break. And I'm sure many of them <em>do</em> give the higher grade! I always just wondered if any school/dept would publish this data.</p>

<p>and try</p>