Should transfer Students take the SAT?

<p>As a community college transfer student, should I take the SATs to increase my chances in getting into elite universities, say Berkeley or Standford. My high school SAT score was an 1810, so would re-taking the SATS be beneficial for my academic record. I know this should belong in the transfer forum, however I feel I'd receive more accurate information from this sample space. In addition, I have been told Berkeley doesn't look at test scores for transferring students, but are there discrete benefits of retaking the SATS?</p>

<p>it's Stanford ;) anyways it depends what SAT score you can get. I know someone who went to Stanford without taking the SAT because her GPA in the CC was very high. If your GPA isn't very high and is not enough to show your aptitude, then take the SAT but it's not a factor that is pivotal to transfer.</p>