Should Tufts be Ranked Higher?

It was ranked lower that I thought it would be.

Should Tufts be ranked alongside Georgetown, Notre Dame, Berkeley, UCLA, and Emory? No, it should not. I think it’s right where it should be, and maybe move Wake Forest down to #30 as well


If you mean by US News… their flawed rankings do not favor schools like Tufts. Are they really a national university?

Tufts probably just misses the top 20, but not by much. I am basing this on selection and nothing more.


You should find the right school for you, not the right school for US News.

Tufts is elite.


If you believe the methodology defined by any given ranking was misapplied or miscalculated and resulted in a lower score than defined by the particular publisher, you should point it out to the publisher for correction. Most will make corrections when a mathematic/methodological error is noted.

What specific ranking are you referring to, and what numbers/calculations do you believe are incorrect?

Business Insider ranks Tufts #21.

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I rank them #14.

That’s my point - and what’s the difference between 19 and 35 and 82.

Said students need to go - 4 years - day to day. Then they need to find jobs.

it doesn’t matter if it’s 19, 35, or 82- they still have to find jobs. They still need to walk the campus day to day (the hills or flats, go to class, eat the dorm food and sleep in the dorm bed.

Kids are making decisions based on this - and it’s soooooooooooooooo dangerous.


2021 US News Best Colleges ranks Tufts University at #30 in a tie with UC-Santa Barbara & one other school. Seems reasonable relative to the schools ranked above Tufts.


Yeah this is a pretty accurate take. Tufts also somewhat prides itself on being a bit quirky and most kids I know who go there went because they liked Tufts, they didn’t really care about US News ranking. But the schools in the current T25 are pretty well placed, of course, I’m biased towards Emory and think UCLA and ND should be lower than it.

Tufts and NYU are tied at 30 which seems right to me.

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Yeah, I’ve always thought the UCs dominating the top 40 was kinda odd though. I just don’t think UCSB, UCSD, and UCI are comparable in prestige and notability to schools like Boston College, Georgia Tech, and Rochester. They are your typical state schools?


You have to look at the methodology US news uses to determine ranking. A lot of the criteria is not academic.

Do you mean USNWR ranking? USNWR ranking is based on a formula that use arbitrary weights of various criteria to produce an arbitrary output ranking. Most of the criteria is well correlated with endowment per student, so I’d expect Tufts to be ranked similar to other highly selective private academic colleges with a similar endowment per student.

Tufts has an endowment per student of ~$200k. That’s nothing compared to HYPSMC type colleges, with have an endowment per student of >$1Million; so Tufts should be ranked far lower. Tufts has less endowment per student than all Ivies as well, so I expect Tufts to be ranked lower than all Ivies. Colleges with similar endowment per student include the following. I expect Tufts to be ranked similar to them. It’s not a perfect correlation, but Tufts falls generally close in ranking to expectations based on endowment.

Wake Forest ($180k) – Ranked #28
Boston Col ($190k)-- Ranked #35
Tufts ($200k) – Ranked #30
Case Western ($210k) – Ranked #42

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Since this has yet to be established in this topic, Tufts appears in U.S. News at 30th in its category, in a tie with NYU, UC–Santa Barbara and the University of Florida.

Yeah not sure how I feel about UF or UCSB being in there… just not on the same level as the rest of the schools in the near rankings


Got accepted as a transfer today. fire emoji


Are you from California? I’m not sure your impression of the UC schools is quite accurate – the average GPA and ACT/SAT scores at UCLA line up almost exactly with Rochester. BC and Georgia Tech are just a hair higher than these, and UCSD/UCSB are just a hair below.

Because CA is so large, it has several very high-caliber public universities, not just one or two like smaller states. Berkeley just doesn’t have room for all the top 5% students in the state, so many of them end up at these 3 schools (UCSB in particular has gotten much more competitive in the last 10-15 years, it’s not the party school it used to be by any stretch!)

I lived in California for 10 years. UCLA and UC Berkeley are just… maybe also SB(?) but just bc they have gotten competitive in the last FEW years does not mean they amount to schools like BC, Rochester, and Tech

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That’s a fair view, even if not everyone will agree with it. I’m curious, what do you see BC & Rochester having that the UC schools lack?

The smaller school environment allows for much more research to be put out by undergrads with faculty. Usually, at bigger public schools (e.g. the UCs, SUNYs), you aren’t getting any research with faculty and staff unless you’re in a biological science. I think the private schools also offer many resources public schools don’t have b/c they can allocate their funding where they choose. There are a lot of other reasons. I am not demeaning the UCs, because they are great schools, but they also aren’t that relevant or renowned on the East Coast, Midwest, or the South

Sure, regional bias is totally a thing – and the same could be said of the schools you mention for people on the west coast! People might find them if they did a lot of college research or have personal connections, but otherwise they have a much stronger impression of the UCs, USC, Caltech, the Claremont schools, etc