Should we check Sparknotes and other book review website.....????

<p>I'm taking ethnic 1A this quarter and so far the teacher requires us to buy four books, each is like 300 pages. I will read the assigned section but I was wondering if we should read sparknotes after we done with the reading. Just to make sure that we are prepared for pop quiz??</p>

<p>What would you guys do- only read the text, only read the notes/sparknotes/or both method(if both then which order would you do first)???

<p>any answer would be appreciated.....</p>

<p>Just FYI- you SHOULD read the chapters your given, take NOTES on them and study YOUR notes most of all. Sparknotes isn't all there is out there, and the thing is, you shouldn't be getting prepared to know your info just because of a pop quiz, you should know it because it pertains to the class and ultimately to yourself. It doesn't matter what order, or what you do... as long as you UNDERSTAND the text!!! That's the most important thing. By leading yourself on to use sparknotes is already sending messages to your brain that you will not understand the information put aside for you in the text book. You're setting yourself up to defeat.</p>

<p>I was thinking the same thing but I was just wondering what do other people do-that's all.</p>

<p>Emergency situations happen. Use them sparingly I would say. Or maybe even as a supplement to what you normally do. Of course others use them, that's why they have them for sale. =)</p>