Should you send your ACT scores to your high school??

<p>Ok. So I took the ACT this morning and, I don't know if I should have my ACT scores sent to my high school. I would like to know if I should or should not send them to my high school.. Also, I would also apperciate anyone sharing the benefits of sending or not sending these scores. ( I have until Thursday to decide)
Thanks in advance!!! :)</p>

<p>don't b/c they might put it on your transcript and if you do badly it'll still be sent to colleges</p>

<p>I don't think my school does that. Our counselor lets you pick which one(s) you want her to send to colleges... But, does it cost YOU to send the score reports. I have heard that if the school sends them it doesn't cost but, if you send them it does.. Would really apperciate anyone that has an answer to this question..</p>

<p>I guess it depends on the school. I'd suggest asking your counselor to check up on your school's policy!</p>

<p>When I took it, there was no area for sending it to your school(high school)</p>

<p>How would I get my scores on my transcript?</p>

<p>Well, I don't want to my scores to my school until I have my desired score.. And, it is not like I can see my scores and, then decide if I want my scores sent to my school.. Does it cost if you personally send your scores to colleges??</p>