shoulder surgery

<p>Next week I'm scheduled for shoulder surgery, torn cuff, and joint reconstruction. Its my right(dominant) arm and I'll be "harnessed" for 3 months. Anybody been there done that? Words of wisdom, things you wish you'd known......</p>

<p>Am preparing best I can right now. Will have my youngest D home with me for three weeks, then its solo...... Dreading the recovery but thrilled to be having this fixed. Its been very painful for a long time.</p>

<p>From my bout with wrist surgery last year: before surgery, get a stack of underwear and try them on one-handed and figure out which you can do and which you can't do. Set aside the can't-do's. Really critical for those bathroom trips. Socks were a challenge too, especially on the side opposite surgery. Bra -- had to get help in the AM and PM. Make sure you have shorts/pants/skirts with elastic waistbands that you can also pull on one-handed. I had to remember to get somebody to open cans/jars/packages in the AM that I might need anytime that day. Needed to open a new package of TP one day and it was a little grim. Flipped Rx bottles to the "not child-proof lid" top, because there was no way I could do that one-handed. (Also, wrote out a med schedule for the first few days so that I had a reminder to take the pain med before things started throbbing, by which time it doesn't want to settle down easily.) </p>

<p>Best of luck -- I hope the surgery and your recovery goes very smoothly.</p>

<p>My son slept in a recliner for at least a week after the surgery. We didn't have one, so rented one for him.</p>

<p>If you have not been a back-sleeper, then you'll need to figure out how you'll be able to position yourself to sleep at night, and not just for a week in a recliner. H had clavicle surgery (and six broken ribs) 3½ weeks ago, and still cannot sleep on his side. I bought him a bed wedge at Relax the Back, but won't use it. I tried it and thought it was comfortable and actually used it one night when I had a late and very big dinner (I have GERD). But as long as you have plenty of pillows that you can easily position and will stay in place, you'll be fine.</p>

<p>S2 had shoulder surgery last summer. At the hospital, they asked if we would like to rent a machine (looks like an igloo cooler with tubes attached) that you filled with ice that circulated cold water through the tube and into a neoprene pad that attached to his shoulder w/ velcro. We decided to try it. S2 said it worked really well and helped the pain esp. when sleeping.
It was much easier than trying to hold ice on it post surgery. If you're offered one, maybe you could rent it for a week when your D would be there to help.</p>

<p>Got one PackMom, they tell me its great, looks a bit scary.....:) Thanks for all the helpful tips, hadnt thougt of a few of them.</p>

<p>I had shoulder surgery twice; once a very long time ago (can't even remember) and the other shoulder three years ago....</p>

<p>Sleeping: I propped pillows up (alot of them) to replicate a recliner; it was fine; yes, I needed to learn how to sleep on my back.....</p>

<p>pain: not horrible at all; I think I only took the prescription painkillers for 3 days or so....then tylenol....</p>

<p>driving: that was an issue that it sounds like you solved.....I can't remember when I was cleared to drive but it was surely within a 4-6 week period......</p>

<p>recovery: what I have found it that the muscles that were spasmed prior to surgery still are; going for accupuncture starting in a few weeks to release them (yea, I waited three years to figure this out)......didn't happen with first surgery.......</p>

<p>I had surgery in November (not on my shoulder, though). Was really glad that I had planned ahead and made/froze many meals. Small portions were frozen and just pulled out and thawed and heated. It was such a help.</p>

<p>If you have a smart phone, download a medication reminder app. I had surgery a couple of weeks ago and had a hard time during the first couple of weeks to remember which med I had taken at what time. I had one that I took every 6 hours, another that I took every 4 hours, and another that was twice a day. It chimed a reminder when each one was due. I used RxmindMe with my iPhone.</p>

<p>well holy crap that (still does) hurt!!! back to work part time three weeks post op. surgeon said it was three times worse than originally thought so surgery was more intensive. getting really capable left handed. still everything takes longer and is awkward!!
glad its done, glad i didnt know ahead of time what i know now...... good to be back-i've missed the cafe.</p>

<p>Glad you're back!</p>