Showers at IU

<p>I didn't look at Orientation, so I'm wondering what the Guys' showers are like. Are they open air like in high school, or do you get a curtain and your own little stall?</p>

<p>At least in Briscoe, they're little stalls with locking doors.</p>

<p>^^True for every dorm I've been at</p>

<p>Yeah that's how it was at Wright at orientation. But half of McNutt now has several individual full bathrooms. They're still down the hall though, but its still much better. Unfortunately I think I may be on the wrong half.</p>

<p>yep, mcnutt has stalls with doors and locks for showers...mine even had pressure adjuster</p>

<p>has anyone seen the ones in Foster?</p>

<p>I feel like Forest has the type you'd see in a campground. A little dressing area with a curtain and a bench..then walk further in to the shower. I didn't see a lock, but...? Note..Forest also has BATHTUBS! Tiny rooms with nothing in it except the tub, these did have doors. Don't know about Foster.</p>

<p>Some are stalls with curtains not doors (Teter: Thompson).</p>

<p>Ive really never heard of any of them being open style. Also, remember the shower shoes!</p>