Showing Interest When I didn't Visit?


<p>I'm a senior who just applied to Tufts for Regular Decision.</p>

<p>I know Tufts is big on expressed interest. I live within a 3-4 hour drive from Tufts but haven't been able to visit. My "Why Tufts" essay shows that I have done research and that I am interested in going there, I went to the information session held near my school, and have emailed one of the admissions officers, who has been very helpful. Does that show interest?</p>

<p>Come on . . . . BUMP!</p>

<p>No one from my school has gotten in in the last few years even though they have the grades, and my GC thought interest might have been a factor, so I want to avoid that.</p>

<p>I know Tufts doesn't keep track of visits or ask about visits on the app, so its really not that big of a deal. Tufts is easy to get a feel of from the online community, so if you write a 'why tufts' that avoids cliches (location, reputation etc) you should be fine on the interest front.</p>

<p>I don't think Tufts cares so much about "expressed interest" as that they want to be convinced that you are a good fit for Tufts and Tufts is a good fit for you. Tufts takes active citizenship pretty seriously. Do you?</p>

<p>Make sure you do the optional essay. That's a major way to show interest, since they can be sure that it's not just a recycled essay for another school because the questions are so unique. Taking the time to write an essay when the school doesn't even require it is probably one of the best ways to show that you're interested.</p>

<p>Without meaning to pick on the above poster, what you see in post #5 isn't advice I would give. There are many good reasons to do the optional essay, but demonstrating interest isn't one of them at Tufts. I know no one believes me, but we really do treat that essays as "optional." Simply doing it will not increase your odds, and not doing it will not decrease your odds. Now, doing it WELL is a different situation, but you shouldn't assume that simply having jumped through that extra perceived hoop will help you.</p>

<p>To the OP: there are so many ways to demonstrate you know and understand Tufts that do not require a campus visit. You do this with your essays, in how you articulate yourself in way that feels organically "Tuftsy". You could write and email to our office to say, "I haven't visited but I have done my research". Or, you could, as you have done, find other ways to meet people from Tufts and learn about the school. You' have no need to worry.</p>

<p>Thanks Dan! I actually didn't do the optional essays because I didn't have a good idea/think mine would be helpful or non-corny. My 3rd short answer pretty much answers the "nerdy side" prompt anyway.</p>