"Showing passion"...

<p>I decided to wait to get my semester 1 grade for my Organic Chem class, which will not be received by my colleges (along with a few grades from classes I took last year) until mid-january. Would this be an exception to the "january 1st" rule? (i.e., can I lump the transcript under the label of "mid-year report" since my GC said she won't report the grade for the college class when she fills out the form)</p>

<p>@ people who replied to the other post: I changed my mind. >_></p>

<p>show passion. doesn't have to be in a specific area. What I've learned from CC is to show my passion(s), whatever they are so that depth is added to my app in the sense that the app is viewed as a person, rather than a piece of paper. </p>

<p>for me:
business and medicine. Pretty much all my ECs are related to those two fields.</p>

<p>well, look at noam chomsky. he does linguistics, is active in politics, has contributed to psychology...etc</p>

<p>^your screenname wins, sir.</p>

<p>btw passion is for people who aren't good at a bunch of things. aka n00bs</p>

<p>that is very true.</p>

<p>srsly. lots of people on this site are quite passionate about drinking.</p>

<p>I know, I guess they wanna get BR'd.</p>

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<p>Can law count as a passion? How can I show that law is my passion with these extracurriculars, and what CC courses would your reccomend me taking???</p>

<p>This is what my EC list will look like by the time I apply----
My EC's:
+Taekwondo- 6 yrs
+volunteer at senior home- 4 yrs, lots of hours
+acting in LA for 6 months in 8th grade, landed a couple of roles
+debate club: founded just now (junior year) by me, hopefully it will gain members
+DECA 2 years
+RAKE- 3 years, basically club where we organize the food drive, clothing drive, etc and do other nice things around the school
+Drama 2 years
+NHS 2 years
+LeadAmerica law and trial advocacy program over summer, won outstanding attorney award
+will try to start debate club at my school
+CUSC freedom and justice program this summer hopefully</p>

<p>so yeah are those "passionate" extracurriculars for law? and what CC courses can I take to show passion for law? I know that criminal justice is useless as a major for law schools but will it be good for colleges to convey my passion?</p>


<p>I did genetic crosses with passionfruit plants in my room, is that passionate?</p>

<p>@urmom: I wouldn't put it on my to-do list. Lulz.</p>