Showing rank in Texas

I’m rank ~45/600 at my Texas high school, but really I’m class salutatorian (there are ~45 valedictorians with all As, I have one 89 from freshman year). Theoretically in Texas top 10% are required to report rank, and I am ~7.5%, but there are so many salutatorians that we overflow out of the top 10%. According to my counselor, due to this I can say I’m out of the top 10% and therefore I’m no longer required to report rank.

My course rigor is extremely high, with about 18 APs and 3 semesters of college credits, far more than any other student at my high school (the highest is probably around 12APs). However, my APs don’t benefit my GPA, since Honors courses are weighted the same as AP courses due to our ranking system which is why there are so many valedictorians.

I’m wondering, is it worth showing that I’m rank 45/600? Or is it better it to remove my ranking and let colleges rerank (which would imply that I’m out of the top 10%, but potentially their rerank could weigh my APs more heavily)? I don’t really know which way is better, or whether it even matters. Thanks for any feedback.

What if my high school doesn't rank? — Tex Admissions describes how UT Austin calculates a rank if one is not provided. However, it may not be possible to calculate your rank this way because you may not necessarily have the needed data.

But note that you are not really salutatorian, which is #2 rank. In reality, it looks like 44 students are tied for #1 through #44, the range that includes #2. You are tied with some number of students from #45 to whatever.

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Yep, I agree I’m not really salutatorian, I just wanted to point out that my GPA is the second highest possible (and my school labels me as salutatorian). Thanks for the link.

Isn’t it either your school sends a rank or it doesn’t? Is it ever the decision of the applicant?

My school district is officially “nonranking” - top 10% are required to report, but everyone else can make a decision on whether to report rank.

I would say report because colleges know that TX reports the top 10% and not reporting will have them automatically assume outside the top 10%.

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They will be required to send rank to public schools in Texas.

Other than that, you can choose whether on or not to share. But with your high # of AP and your GPA, the 45/600 will not hurt. Colleges know which are the rigorous high schools