Showing what I can do?

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I am a sophomore in High school, and I would like to show what I can do and what I am capable of. I go to a very small school (Graduating class averages around 95 students) and live in a small town. It is because of this that I feel hopeless, the programs and activities at my school seem only in place to exalt it. If you can not throw a football, or anything of the sort, no one will ever know what you can do here. I am writing one paper in mathematics that does not have a name yet, but an idea of it would be “Objects in 3 and 4 dimensions”. The short paper would have the mathematics of orientation, position, and direction of bodies (e.i. moving and static, particles and rigid bodies). I also have the 3 other papers in mind.

So my question is, how can I show what I cando?

Sorry for any errors in my post. Also to add to this, my school only ‘offers’ one test which you can only take my Junior year- the ACT.

Is there any Math or scholasticcompetitions at your school? Actually google “High School Competitions” and see all the options.
Siemens has a great competition.

Talk to your math teacher or the department head about competitions or where you would publish your research. See if they woudl be advisors to any of the above competitions.
Can you take any classes at your community college?

Also try to be the highest rank in your class you can get and take the most rigorous courses you can.

I appreciate your response, but there are no competitions of any sort, that is academic competitions. I did attempt to talk to my math teachers last year, but it resulted in nothing. Not even a 2 minute conversation. I will look at the at the Siemens competitions though.

I have been one of the highest if not the highest ranked student in my class, and my school does offer distance learning AP classes.

It sounds to me like you need to seek opportunities outside of your school For example:
-You can take a standardized test at any test location, it doesn’t have to be your HS. See what options are available in your area. For example our public HS does not offer the ACT still many students take it elsewhere.
–If your school doesn’t offer ECs that suit you, look for opportunities in your community. See if you can help tutor younger students, do some worthy volunteer work etc. It is fine to do your math papers, but also think about expanding your horizons outside of the math arena. Colleges don’t just want to see what you can do in math – they also want to see an involved person.
–In terms of the math papers perhaps reach out to a local college/CC’s math department to see if someone woudl be willing to work with you.

Thank you.
It is difficult for me to be involved with other areas, given that my family is not supportive at all. I failed to mention that I am on the same level as mathematics as I am with computer science, logic (I.e. mathematical logic), and physics. I also do tutoring for any subject at any level.
I did, however, learn that my community college offers the ACT, so thank you very much for that.

I would also like the include that the paper I mentioned is most likely the most basic of the papers I have in mind. It is was just a start for what I had developed when I was in middle school. The others names I can not include at the moment due to the fact that they do not have names, yet.

If you like computer programming, try USACO. They have online training modules and open exams. See how you do.The best scores move on to higher level exams. Also you may just want to look at Art of Problem Solving’s website and community.

I second the suggestion of reaching out to math professors at the local university. Email the department chair if you are stumped for a name, explain your situation and ask for advice.Hopefully that will start a conversation. good luck.

When you say you are writing a paper, what will you do with it?
What we are trying to do is to see if there are activities/courses that are known quantities or where you can compete with others.

Definitely look into the distance learning AP classes. The fact that you can 1) take initiative to take them even though they are not directly offered at your school 2) Do well in them is something that colleges undertand.

The only purpose of the paper(s) is because I love the subject. There is no other reason. They are not limited to maths either, I believe 2 will be in math and physics (physics to some extent) and 2 others will be in computer science. I am taking as many AP classes as possible, I will be a sophomore this school year (2015-2016) and I will only be able to take AP Calculus AB (the highest one they offer, sadly). The reason I didn’t take it last year is because they did not offer the opportunity to.