SI Newhouse vs. USC Annenberg

<p>I plan to go into broadcast journalism. I know that both Syracuse and USC have excellent programs. My questions are, which the better overall program? I want to go into the sports area of broadcast journalism or the entertainment area or news anchoring. What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the programs? Lastly, what are my chances of getting in?</p>

<p>-3.99 GPA U/W
-4.03 GPA W
-30 ACT
-600/650/730 SAT
-Top 10 in class of about 300
-6 APs by the time I graduate (US (4), Euro, US Gov, Stats, Lit, Lang)
-College level Chinese
-All A's on transcript with the exception of Chinese, pre-calc, and freshman honors English (B's)</p>

<p>-Football coach's assistant
-Football statistician
-Service Club
-Theatre (cast)
-School newspaper, chief editor
-School magazine, copy editor
-First senior in my school's broadcast journalism program, chief editor
-Trying to get job shadows</p>

<p>-National Society of High School Scholars
-National Honor Society
-People to People Student Ambassador
-Junior Marshall (school specific service)</p>

<p>I visited Syracuse and loved it, but I want to get an opinion on whether I'd be better off going to USC or Syracuse for broadcast journalism, specifically in the sports or entertainment area or news anchoring. I plan on applying ED to Syracuse since Newhouse is so competitive, but I want to be sure.</p>

<p>I can only speak on behalf of SU. Your GPA and SATs are great and your EC are communications/Journalism heavy so you should have a fair shot. Both schools are very sporty. The better Journalism program, especially broadcast journalism, would be at Syracuse. Syracuse also has a sports management program in case you want to double major. Most students in Newhouse end up double majoring anyway so you might want to consider that. It's competitive but again you should have a fair shot. If Newhouse doesn't end up working out, I have no doubt that Annenberg would give you a strong journalism education as well.</p>