Sibling Assets in CSS Profile

Hi, I am preparing for my CSS profile. it asks for my sibling assets. What is the reason it does that? Will how much they have affect my aid eligibility?

Thank you.

Please post the question number on the Profile that asks this.

I don’t see question number. it is listed in the question: “Total value of parent assets held in the names of their children”. My parents purchased federal saving bonds for my siblings using their SSNs. The bonds are meant to hold long term for their future education expenses. How does this affect my CCS aids?

Someone else will need to verify, but I believe those savings bonds are not your parent assets held in the name of your sibling. They are your sibling’s assets.

Perhaps this question is about things like 529 accounts. Because in most cases, these can be moved from sibling to sibling beneficiary , and therefore are all counted. Because colleges don’t want to see these assets moved to a sibling…to avoid being counted.

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I agree that these are not reported as parent assets.

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The phrase “total value of parent assets held in the names of their children” can be confusing. It refers to assets that for all practical purposes are owned (and controlled) by a parent but held in the name of a child as a way to try and get more favorable tax treatment. This became less of a thing when the “kiddie tax” was expanded, which decreased the incentive to go through these machinations.

The situation as described by OP, with federal savings bonds, very likely is not a case of "parent assets held in the names of their children.”


Right. The saving’s bond is for the sibling’s future college expenses but is not for any kind of tax advantage. Bond is meant for long-term holding.

Does anyone run into this question while filing CSS profile? Did any of them get questions from profile schools for supporting documents?

Thank you All for helping me go through this cumbersome process.

Everyone who fills out Profile runs into this question. In your case, why would a Profile school ask any questions or request supporting documents? The savings bonds won’t be reported because they are legitimately assets belonging to siblings, and it sounds like you won’t be reporting any "parent assets held in the names of their children.”

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