sibling/twin scholarships

<p>Hi, I was reading about how George Washington Univ. gives 1/2 off to siblings attending their college (plus any other aid) and wondered if any parents had children attending the same college and found any perks in that?
I doubt many colleges give such a large discount it would influence anyone, but you never know. Anyone get any deals for their children?</p>

<p>that would be very nice! I hadn't heard of that...........</p>

<p>We do know one family where the sister will be joining her older brother at GW this fall, so I believe they get the 50% discount. Our twins who have been admitted to Oglethorpe University were recently told by FA if they choose to enroll this fall they will receive a "twin" discount of 3K each-that is in addition to the scholarships they have earned. Considering the tuition amount at the other LAC's they have applied to or been accepted at-I wish someone else would offer it. </p>

<p>I have read where parents should ask about sibling discounts. I also remember a thread about a year ago on CC to the effect that some highly competitive schools ( Duke, etc) are sometimes inclined to admit both twins if there is one child the school is really interested in.</p>

<p>The only twin discount we came across was at George Washington University ... however, if you qualify for financial aid, your FAFSA EFC will be cut in half which is a nice perk! :)</p>

<p>Both applied to several of the same LACs and one school gave us a sibling discount. Other LACs admitted one and not the other-despite one having slightly higher scores and grades, same ECs, they preferred the one with an exchange student background. My girls wanted separate schools, so sibling discounts were not helpful, though the FAFSA cut in half certainly is!</p>

<p>I've heard some colleges don't advertise it, but you have to ask....that's the way it was with some private highschools too, nothing in the admissions statement, but if you inquired.
The fafsa cut will be a relief, I can't imagine doing it at all without that! My son will probably be getting a masters when they start...don't know if that will be considered 3 in school or not.</p>

<p>I don't think sibling/family discounts are all that uncommon, particularly at the private institutions. Here's one from U/Hartford Family</a> Grant Program</p>

<p>It may be a case of asking the financial aid offices or an indepth reading of the school's financial aid/scholarship pages.</p>

<p>Yes, you have to dig a bit. This is a partial list I found:
College</a> Lists wiki / Twins - Scholarships For</p>